Building Systems

From parking deck to stadium components, Cenairus provides concrete forming systems to complete your precast building projects.

  • Double Tee Forms
  • Architectural and Structural Panel Forms
  • Inverted Tee Forms
  • Column Forms
  • Stadia Forms
  • Hollowcore Forms
  • Elevator and Stair Core Forms
  • Stair Forms
  • Magnetic and Bolted Side Forms
  • Tilt Tables
  • Wall Panel Tilt Frames
Transportation Products

Engineered and built to perform, our precast and prestressed form line covers nearly every cross section and product being produced today for the transportation precast market.

  • Beam Girder Forms (36″ to 110″ tall girder forms for all DOT cross sections)
  • Pile Forms (Adjustable, Fixed Dimension, Liners, Cylindrical)
  • Median Barrier Forms
  • U-Beam Forms
  • Haunch Beam Forms
  • Box Beam Forms
  • Sound Wall Forms (H-Columns, Battery Wall Forms)
Productivity Components

Cenairus forms can be outfitted or retrofitted to use our productivity components. These components are designed to free people for other tasks, reduce the use of cranes and reduce form cycle times.

We can tailor standard productivity component designs to work with individual plant requirements and constraints.

  • Form turning systems
  • Vibrasled winch systems
  • Side form Rollouts
  • One Lever Rollout Side Form Opening and Closing System

A well designed machine becomes part of the manufacturing team in the precast plant. Cenairus machines increase safety and productivity while being adaptable to suit the specific needs of your operations.

  • Tarp Rollers
  • Double Tee production machines
  • Concrete placement machines
  • Mesh and embed carts

New product or new casting process – these both require forming solutions. We solve unique casting challenges routinely and can engineer and build a forming system to bring your new product to market or enhance your production.

Stressing Frames

Additional beam line stressing capacity or mobile production lines can win contracts. Cenairus long line and haunch beam stressing frame systems are engineered to provide high strand load capacities and load centers to produce nearly every beam cross section in the market often for less cost than fixed abutments.

  • Haunch Beam
  • Long Line
Stressing Frames
Haunch Beam

Haunch beams are a unique casting situation with elevated strand loads. Cenairus has a haunch beam stressing system which provides all the necessary components to complete a high capacity and adjustable haunch beam stressing frame. Complete with platforms and safety features.

Stressing Frames
Long Line

Modular frames to produce various beam cross sections from I-Beams to Box Beams up to 3000 kips. Longitudinal frame modules can be added or removed to minimize strand waste. Minimal uplift is required making the frames ideal for additional casting capacity or temporary site casting. Long line frames also include integrated side form rollout systems for safe hands free opening and closing of the form system.

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